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Catania e dintorni

Catania and Surroundings

Catania is one of the few cities in Italy to offer such diverse landscapes concentrated in a single site. It located on the east coast, at the foot of Mount Etna (the highest in Europe) and halfway between the cities of Messina and Syracuse.
Its territory includes a large slice of the plain of Catania ( 'a Chiana), one of the largest cultivated areas of Sicily, where the area closest to the sea is the Oasis of the Simeto nature reserve of about 2,000 hectares, established in 1984. the Oasis Simeto Simeto takes its name from the river, the most important of the island, which flows south of the city. Catania overlooking the Ionian Sea with the gulf that takes its name.
Around the volcano also is another protected area: the Etna Park.
The territory is typically flat to the south and southeast, and mountainous north to the presence of Etna.

The original core of the city was located on a hill, which corresponds to today's Piazza Dante, where stands the Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena (now university). The only other major important is the hill Santa Sofia, where stands the Citadel University, bordering Gravina, common of the vast hinterland.
The green public comprises the parks located within the city. Six are those of a certain size and importance: the Garden Bellini, called 'Villa or Villa Bellini and dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini, the Garden Pacini, called Villa' ê varagghi (ie "yawns", because it was said mainly frequented by retirees and idlers in general), Gioeni Park (located to the north, at the end of via Etnea), Falcone and Borsellino Park (north of Italy Course), the park's viceroy (in the district Canalicchio barrier) and the Grove Plaia (in the area between the Airport Vincenzo Bellini and the city). Among others, for its historical importance and for the conservation of biodiversity, it should be noted the Botanical Garden of Catania.
The city is crossed by an underground river, the Amenano. In the past, just outside the walls to the west, you could find Lake Nicito, connected to the river and now covered by lava flow of 1669 (the fountain and to remember the location). Currently, the Amenano becomes visible to Water in linzolu, white marble fountain that stands between the so-called "Fish" and the Piazza del Duomo, and in the local underground Agora Hostel. But it was all the surrounding territory to change profoundly as a result of natural disasters such as this: the coast north of the harbor is just a sort cliff following the various lava flows, in historical times in 1169, 1329 and 1381, when it was also covered part of the ancient Porto Ulisse; This stretch of coast is in fact called "The Cliff" and includes the beach of San Giovanni Li Cuti.
The area south of the Ursino Castle, once overlooking the sea, is the product of the enormous cast of 1669 that accerchiatolo, he went for a few kilometers to the sea. The south coast of the port was deeply modified, forming the present shore (the "Plaia") which is, instead, sandy.
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Charming streets that unfold in an inextricable labyrinth, where every door is a shop, where each port offers exposed merchandise. Down the few stairs that are located behind the Amenano fountain in Piazza Duomo in Catania, and immediately come catapulted into a grandiose circus show, with lots of fresh vegetables acrobats and jugglers of the fish.

All this, and words are not enough, is the Fish, in Sicilian "in Pischiria". Pardo in the square, the heart of the Etna Market button, everything is at hand, in the wonderful scenery; fresh meat, chickens, turkeys, lambs, pigs, type of diverse spices, vegetables, vegetables, and even ostrich.

Stage of a theater that every morning the curtain opens, and we all, in the Catania fish market, siamoprotagonisti spectators a wonderful street theater, made from unsuspecting be comedians. Everything in this magical place is the word just missing you to listen to and describe it


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